Use our framework to build modern, agile, and engaging customer experiences

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Powering Customer Experience Innovation

Agile Surveying

Create contextual, fluent, and engaging dynamic survey campaigns

Post-call Engagement

Easily share payment plans, sales material, offers or process guides

Location & Image Sharing

Initiate secure connections with customers for in-call, real-time sharing

Hybrid Automation

Develop augmented experiences for multi-platform, end-to-end processes

Case Management

Reduce contacts and costs through automated customer engagement

Document Signing

Build in-call or campaign-driven signature response processes

Quarantine Automation

Optimise and stratify the risks associated with mass quarantine

Employee Engagement

Measure employee sentiment and conduct sales research

Intelligent SMS Campaigns

Run scalable SMS-based solutions on demand

In-call Video Sharing

Launch a live video session to enhance customer contacts


Ability to analyse and explain shared photos and content in real-time

Nothing To Download

We use ubiquitous mobile technology, so there's no need for a separate app